Welcome to Area 5: Institutional Change


The institutional change implies several actions to be adopted by the University as a whole, assimilating the digital perspective as a part of its way of functioning. In order to support in this process, in this module we present the main concepts to encourage you to work on the following aspects:

Module 5.1 presents Open Digital Credentials. Traditionally, once we finished a course or training, we used to obtain a paper to certify our advances in the corresponding field. However, digitalization of processes and globalization of the job market, make it difficult to convey all of our all our certifications in one place to show the validity of our CV, for example. Digital credentials allow us to easily certify students’ advances and provide guarantees about the validity of the certification. In the same way, students can prove their skills by using those digital credentials. Thus, this module explains the concepts and tools to be used to include this kind of certification in our institution.

In Module 5.2, the concept of internationalization is presented and some strategies to proceed with the internationalization of our curricula are explained. This module includes information on learning recognition requirements, how the European institutions can support the process, and some references to a HE which already developed some of these experiences.

Finally, in Module 5.3 we invite you to read some of the chapters of the University Social Responsibility (USR) toolkit by the UNIBILITY project. In addition to refresh the main concepts about USR, this toolkit presents a set of practices which can be an inspiration to you. In order to encourage you to know more about your University’s USR, we propose some research and practical activities.